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Our goal is simple.  We want to unite weimaraner lovers with weimaraner rescues that are in need of funding to continue their mission of saving our beloved weimaraners.

Three friends started with the thought that many of the weimaraner rescues didn’t have an online  shop where they could sell donated items, hold online auctions, advertise fundraisers and corporate sponsors.  We found that most of the rescues use Facebook for this purpose but we didn’t think it fit the need as well as a dedicated website would.  We wanted to be able to allow each rescue to setup their own store, manage their own product inventory and orders, hold auctions and ultimately reap the financial rewards.  We felt that it was possible that by gathering the people and products together on one website, all the participating rescues would gain additional exposure.  Most owners of a weimaraner rescue dog belong to their local weimaraner rescue but aren’t necessarily aware of others.  These same rescues often sell products via Facebook but if you’re not a member of that particular Facebook group or don’t see a share, you’re not likely to know about them.  We thought that weimaraner lovers might be interested in purchasing weimaraner related products even if the funds went to a weimaraner rescue that they were not a member of.  After all, isn’t the mission of all of these rescues the same, to save weimaraners?  So, we developed a website that we thought would meet these objectives.  We started with just two rescues who had little or no online presence for a shop.  Once the website was built, several people donated items to these two rescues to get them started with their online shop.  It is amazing to see people come together for a purpose and the generosity and kindness that is seen in doing so.

All payments for products purchased from this website are processed via PayPal.  Aside from the typical PayPal fees for payment processing, 100% of the funds are transferred directly to the rescue selling the product(s).  We do not collect any commission or fees for using this website.


If there are any general questions regarding this website, please use the contact form below and we’ll answer your question as soon as possible.

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